Durags have been doing the rounds within hiphop culture as well as the hair industry. Durags have become a staple in fashion. Their practical uses, as well as fashion statements are here’s to stay.

There are as many variations to durags as you please, but there are three main categories we have recognized through the times. There are poly, silk and velvet. We will give you some knowledge into their properties and uses. Poly, Silk(which includes the widely spread “silky” durags) and Velvet.


Poly . Poly Durags are stretchy and strong. They do not shine, but they are great for being experimental with your waving. The compression is great as well. They are usually made fabric s such as Bon Bon, Triloba(not advisable) and so any stretch fabric


Silk. Silk is a hot topic. There are no durags made out of pure silk. That would cost you a lot, because the process of making pure silk such as Mayberry silk (silk weaved from the spit of melberry silk worms) is costly. The best alternative is Stretch Satin. Stretch satin is breathable, silky and shiny. The only problem is that it does not stretch and it is delicate. The slippery aspect of this fabric can irritate you especially when sleeping at night. Besides for that, it is a favorite as most people claim that it is good for you’re hair.

Let’s not forget about the “silky stretchy” kind of durags. To Ben honest, these are trash. They won’t last long. They are there is you in a pinch and need something to service you quick. We call these “costume” durags. Don’t expect to get far with this bad boy. We suspect it isn’t made from a variation of Triloba, because of how it degrades when stretch and I see reluctant to come back.


Velvet. Velvet is that swaggadocious Durag. This is for all them Ouens who are serious about their swag. We personally do not advise you to sleep with this on, you’ll end up taking it off because it is so hot. We do advise you to wear it in public, as your crush will recognize you because you are so hot. This plush and luxurious feel is perfect. The thicker the better the quality of the velvet.

Here is our top pick from the ones we have seen in circulation . The silky one.