Waist Trainer FAQ’s.

Q: “Do you sell waist trainers”

“I saw this on Facebook…”

A: Hi there , we definitely have waist trainers.

They go for R100-R300

Here is the link to our site if you prefer ordering online-


To see the whole catalogue in WhatsApp, click the link below :


If you have any questions or problems with the link then let us know and we will get to you shortly 🙏

Q: “Which one is the best?”

“Which one gives the best/fastest results?”

A: Waist Training Corset is our best seller.

Q: “How do I pay?”

A: If you want to pay online via eft we can send you the link to our site , so you pay online


If you want to pay by Deposit, we can send  our banking details . FNB, Capitec, Tym Bank and Standard Bank.

Q: ”How do I get it?”

“Do you post/deliver/courier?”

A: We will have to post it to you 📦 we usually use Courier Guy, which will be an extra R50 and will take 3-7 days max to get to your doorstep🚚.


We can post via pep , which will cost R60 to get to your local pep. This will take 7-9 working days.

Which would you prefer?

Q:“How do I order?”

A: If you choose  Courier Guy- Please send your address, full name and calling number.

If you choose Pep- Please confirm your calling phone number and which pep we should send it to.

Then we will post your package once your payment reflects. Please send proof of payment once done, so we can confirm it is your payment🤝.

Bank Account Details :

Estollo (PTY) LTD



If you prefer capitec, then let us know 🤝.

If you prefer to pay online with your card via a payment gate, then let us know.

Q: “What is your capitec account? “

“I prefer capitec.”

A: Capitec acc-

Mr N Mafu 


Cell – 0712789596

Q: “ How do I use an ATM?”

“I don’t know how to deposit/use an ATM”

A: You can go to The Banks’s Atm and deposit there. If you do not know how to deposit, then ask one if the bank workers and they will gladly assist you.

Q: “What is your Standard Bank account? “

“I prefer Standard Bank”

A: Standard Bank Acc:

N. Mafu.

1008 7014 597

Q: “What is your tyme bank account? “

“I prefer tyme bank.”

A: Tyme Bank Acc:

N. Mafu.


Q: “How do I pay online? “

“I prefer tyme bank”

A: You can use your card to purchase via the link below :


Q: “ What sizes do you have?”

“Do you have this” “ size?”

A: Please send us your waist size, so we can send you the appropriate size.

Q: “How do I know this is not a scam?”

A: Here is the proof : *insert pictures * we will send pictures shortly.

You can check our status on WhatsApp or Facebook gallery.