As Estollo, we aim to bring a different approach to the Fashion E commerce space in South Africa.

You might be asking How?

In essence we approach E commerce as runners(Personal Shoppers).

We find the best quality and prices in Johannesburg, then we buy it on your behalf.

There will be a handling fee of R100 for items (max 10) under R1000 (or a single item).

Then we charge 15% for a quantity of items valued over R1000(above 10).

When the value passes R5000, you will have to request a quote.

Fashion has a variety of items, so you can request a quote beforehand because your items might vary in quantity, price and size. We will give you the best price for your needs.

So you might be wondering where do we operate?

If you are a fan to fashion, you should know that Johannesburg is one of the best places to satisfy your fashion taste.

We mainly operate in JHB CBD (Small Street, Maboneng, Braamfotein and Dragon City).

Do we take request?

Yes we definitely do. Just let us know what items you’re looking for and we will source, then process the order.

Why do we choose to operate like this instead of selling like other fashion sites?

After a decade of experience in the Fashion Industry, we have been inspired to make a change and make life easier for everyone!

Right now we feel like this is the best way forward.

Meet 1/2 of our Founders.

Meet 1/2 of our founders-

Nkosana has been passionate about Fashion since 15. He is on a mission to create solutions for problems he believes impede the Fashion industry.

Below is his youtube channel, get to know him more.