Mask gold rush.

The Early Bird truly does catch the worm. The past week+ has been a testament to that.

It is the 3rd of May, first day out of Lock down- I am out on these streets looking to pay for my ticket at Midrand’s court , so I can renew my licence then get back to running up these coins. Turns out it’s a holiday, so that’s an L.

Right across the road of Midrand’s court is my cousin, she is peddling Lizzie’s masks.  Lizzie’s is a tailoring and design store cnr Kerk Street and Old Pretoria Road. It is not even noon, but thus far she has pushed more than 100 units, at R30 each(you can do the math).

Selling masks at boulders.
The stone slab we ran up the numbers. The same stone slab stollen by competition.

So word, we touch base and turns out business is looking good. They also have another table peddling stock next to the store(Lizzie’s). That table also did 100+.Supposedly on that day Lizzie’s pushed R15K worth of stock.

As a hustle fanatic, was not my mind blown? They were distributing this vendor style, targeting people walking to Boulders Mall. People did not have masks. The malls required people to have masks in order to enter the mall. All I can say is that there was money on the streets. People coming on and off taxis were the target. The aim was to sell this viral item as quick a share hot cakes. Finessing this on the Net was not gonna pop that week.

So word, the 4th of May hits and I get a call from the Bigger Hommie -Daniel and he hits me up to join in on this Gold rush , I obviously accept. Then we set up where my cousin was yesterday. Everything goes smoothly, people are still buying,but something is different today. People caught up to the jig. Now there are people across the road. Looks like competition is creeping.

Cool, I am out here making bank *street vendor style. Prior to the end of the day a man called Trevor pulls up. Let me tell you about Trevor. Trevor is an ADT security guard. He was pushing masks for about 3 weeks around the streets of Crowthorne and Fourways(which is Johannesburg North for those of you who don’t know). 

Daniel is putting me on to some game and we are plotting on how we are gonna push our own stock this coming week. So Trevor pulls up to our table and showers us with compliments concerning the good quality of masks we have. At this point in time real recognizes real and we cut a deal with him to provide 50 units at R20 each. Trevor seems pleased with this deal. No cap, Trevor is a serious man, so what did he do? He bought up most of the stock we had on hand. Your man Trevor dropped about R700+ on the masks there and then. To be frank with you, Trevor looks like the frugal type. It was at that point in time that Daniel and I noticed that Trevor was making an investment. Trevor usually flipped his stock in the morning&/noon prior to hitting nightshift.

4pm, we are done for the day. As we walk, people are still buying. Nah hey, then R30’s added up real quick. We touch down at our H.Q (Tailors On Point) and count the racks up. I am sewing a Durag for tomorrow and D is counting the racks up. We push about R4K worth on that day for Lizzie’s. I get compensated for my time. We have fat chats and reach an agreement. I am ecstatic and let my team know what’s the Jig. Thee Guide hops on the dream team, our distribution Channel is growing.

6th of May and onwards we pull up and set shop at the same area. As time passes Boulders is now SWARMING w competition, people caught up REAL QUICK. The K’s made soon turned to hundreds. People’s mothers, teenage children, fathers and grandfathers are for the streets. After all, it has become a source of income ,since times are tough for most. Even the second or third day, our “companion” who would sell phone covers became our competition , he stole our spot and also sold face masks. SMH, that’s just how the game goes. You would swear people forgot that we are on level 4 of this lockdown.

To keep it 100 with you, I was peeved, sssssoooo I hopped on my bike and looked for better prospects. After moving from Midrand to Waterfall, to Sunninghill, to Kyalami, to Crowthorne, I finally ended up where I started, at Waterfall Corner. Yep, your boy pushed 18 units and I felt it in my abs that the hustle was real. The game was different at this point in time, it was ‘extra time’. To sum it up, the return on investment for time spent was not looking as delightful as it was a couple of days ago. It was time to go back to the drawing board and find a way to milk the last of this(If there was anything to milk out at is point in time).

Fourways seems to be doing fair, averaging 20-30 units a day, but tbh the early bird catches a work and rn, the sun is setting. The prices of masks can cost as little as R10(as I witnessed when is was in a taxi) and the quality is as good as the price point. It has become a penny game, the only way to win is to push UNITS. By units I mean dozens of thousands my friend. The only way out of this is by catching tenders. Tbh that ain’t a game for small boys w one machine. Tailors on Point and Lizzie’s managed to score a deal and produce 10s of Thousands, because they had the reputation and resources to catch that bag.

To conclude this bit of sauce I am giving you, what’s my chat?

We caught the mask wave a little too early to actually enjoy and surf on it, nor did we have the right arranagmernt in place to get a bigger slice of this mask cake at he right time, because clearly Millions were made prior to the 3rd of May.

The mask stuff was brazy. It was fun while there were bigger slices to be cut. I believe that right now there are other important matters to focus on when it comes to the textiles industry. I hope we can nail the necessity as good as my Bigger hommie did and as correctly timed as the “Tendreprenerus” did.

With that being said, stay safe and

thank you ❤️.